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• 12/7/2017

i like season 2 when loucios loyen makes the music video

i like when the dad makes a video of the past about when his mom drowend him in the water and their was allot of acation when ronda fell off and died
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• 11/28/2016

Vote for Cookie!

Hey there!

We've gathered 64 of the most powerful female protagonists for our first ever Shero Bracket Tournment - and a character from YOUR fandom is competing!
What's a Shero, you ask? A Shero is a heroine from the realm of comics, books, movies, TV, and games. There were so many options to choose from, but we managed to narrow them down to 64. These competitors will battle it out for 6 rounds, with the winner announced on January 3, 2017.

Ready to smash the patriarchy? Vote for your fandom's Shero now!
Fandom's Shero Bracket Tournament
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• 11/10/2016

Fall Finale

How do you think the fall finale will end? Jamal unconscious and D-Major yelling wake up? Do you guys think Jamal is going to die? He survived being show maybe this is it?
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• 10/13/2016

The Next Episode looks Crazy!

What Do You Think? Is Shyne going to kill Andre?
Empire Season 3 Episode 5 "One Before Another" Promo (HD)
Empire Season 3 Episode 5 "One Before Another" Promo (HD) YouTube
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• 10/9/2016

Survivor: Myanmar Application

^^ First come, first serve
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• 10/3/2016

Are you excited about Kitty/Mariah Carey?

What do you think she'll add to the show?
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• 9/28/2016

What did you think of the Season 3 premiere?

Were you right about who fell off the balcony and died??
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• 4/2/2016

Ownership of the Company

''Does the Lyon Family still hold shares in the Company ?? and how much over half or ????''
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• 3/4/2016

The Gilligan Factor

Hey everyone! Visit www.thegilliganfactor.com to talk and read more about Empire!
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• 11/20/2015

Who's the best heir to empire

I think Jamal because out if the three Lyons his more like luscious without the power hungry and cruel side.(Thought that might change
Andre is a close second with his ambition and intelligence but he has bipolar disorder.
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• 9/23/2015

Wikia's Closet Confidential presents: Create the Ultimate Look for Cookie!

Hey guys! For some of the Empire fans here, tonight is the big night for the second season premiere of Empire on FOX. In order to celebrate, the Empire Wiki and Wikia have collided for Wikia's Closet Confidential fashion contest!

For our Wikia, you get to create the Ultimate Cookie Look! Be creative and make your layout shine! To the Empire fans, the wiki needs your help!
Are you interested? Care for more information? Click this link!
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• 9/22/2015

Check out our Season 2 Premier Party Menu

Season 2 of Empire debuts tomorrow night, and we know a lot of people are having viewing parties. I know I like to make a special occasion out of big premiers like this, even if I'm home alone because my heathen friends have different tastes in media. We put together a Tune in Table with food/drink recommendations! If you want some ideas for an Empire-inspired dinner and Empire-inspired cocktails, check out the article now!
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• 9/19/2015

Empire returns in 4 days!

If you guys haven't set up your DVRs or marked your calendars, do it! On September 23, 2015, at 9/8 on FOX, Empire returns for an all-new second season! Are you guys excited? Express your feelings here before the season premiere!

EMPIRE New Money, New Music, New Power
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• 7/26/2015

Want to write questions for Empire?

We are seeking avid fans of the awesome TV show Empire. We would very much appreciate it if you could post the following on your forum?
Want to write questions for Empire? We are currently looking to invite any interested members to contact us to get involved in this exciting new project. We are seeking fans to help create questions for a new quiz game application that is currently under development.This is an exciting next generation mobile application which has been under development for a year and will be released onto the Google play store, the Windows Phone store and the Apple store later on this year (2015).
To get involved visit http://wiredvoltage.wix.com/quizitEmail: jwreford@wiredvoltage.com
Many thanks
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• 4/22/2015

Want to be an Empire Wiki admin?

Hey guys, 
Empire Wiki is looking for new admins to join our moderator team! If you want to apply to become an admin, read this blog:
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• 4/22/2015

Ta'Rhonda Jones and Gabourey Sidibe are promoted to series regulars!

Yes yes!
It's official, our fan favorite characters - Porsha and Becky - are getting full-time roles on Empire next season!
Whoop! We're so excited, right? ;)
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• 4/19/2015

Season 2

What do you expect of season 2?
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• 4/4/2015

Should anonymous edits be restricted?

Hello, users of Empire Wiki.
Today, I would like to discuss with you all something very important. As the wiki continues to grow with users, the admins have discussed whether anonymous users should be prohibited from editing on this wiki.
Although Wikia doesn't exactly agree with restricting anonymous editing, the admins have noticed that the anonymous users have been making inappropriate comments, some are younger than allowed here, and making random edits that somewhat ruins the flow of the community.
What do you guys think should be done?
Should wikia contributors be able to edit or should they make an account if they want to edit?
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• 3/29/2015


Guys, a new blog has been created, and we need you guys to read it immediately. These are a new set of rules that have been created prior to Wikia contributors/anonymous users.
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• 3/13/2015

Black and White

How do they get away with constantly saying…You White Bitch….If another show kept saying You Black Bitch it would be all over the internet…don't get me wrong Empire is my favorite show right now but lets face it…whats right is right and whats wrong is wrong...
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