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Immagine Titolo Messa in onda (USA-ITA) Canzoni
250px 1. Empire 7 gennaio 2015

Trama:  L'episodio introduce Lucious Lyon, il CEO della Empire Entertainment, padre di tre ragazzi (Andre, Jamal e Hakeem), tutti alla ricerca di un posto all'interno della grande azienda e nel mondo dello spettacolo. Ad ogni modo, grosse complicazioni emergono quando Cookie Lyon viene rilasciata dalla prigione ed è intenzionata ad accaparrarsi una fetta dell'impero e a seguire da vicino la carriera del figlio prediletto Jamal.

250px 2. A due voci January 14, 2015

Plot:  Lucious must defend Empire's IPO launch after controversies arise around one of his artists being involved in a shooting, and Cookie proves to be invaluable by helping Lucious turn a crisis into a triumph. Competition between Lucious and Cookie heats up when Cookie hears of Lucious's plan to stage a huge performance for Hakeem - but not Jamal. Meanwhile, the police begin to investigate Bunkie's murder.

250px 3. Affari di famiglia January 21, 2015

Plot:  The Lyons head to Philadelphia and get a taste of what their life could have been if Lucious hadn't made it big. Lucious promotes Hakeem's new relationship with hip-hop star Tiana, but tensions rise when another woman tries to catch Hakeem's eye.

250px 4. Falsa imposizione January 28, 2015

Plot:  Lucious attempts to steal a super-hot, chart-topping artist from his rival at Safe House Records. Meanwhile, Jamal struggles to compose original music and Cookie tries to forge a relationship with her estranged son, Hakeem.

250px 5. Legami pericolosi February 4, 2015

Plot:  Cookie receives an anonymous gift from an admirer that she believes might be a veiled threat from a person from her prison past. Meanwhile, Lucious takes charge of Hakeem's first video shoot.

250px 6. La nuova star February 11, 2014

Plot: Vernon is caught in the middle of a very sticky situation. Meanwhile,Jamal is rising to stardom, but his newfound drive and ambition might stir up trouble in his relationships. To make matters worse, a mystery woman from the family's past shows up with a huge surprise.

250px 7. La notizia February 18, 2015

Plot: Tension mounts between Hakeem and Jamal. Meanwhile, Cookie and Anika don't hold anything back when it comes to taking over the company. Anika is sent to Chicago to handle one of the label's star. Lucious attempts to brand Empire Entertainment as a tight-knit, "family-run" company. Jamal warms up to his daughter.

Lyon'sRoar 8. "The Lyon's Roar" February 25, 2015

Trama: Cookie e Camilla si scontrano con Hakeem mentre Jamal fa delle confessioni sconvolgenti.

250px 9. "Unto the Breach" March 4, 2015

Plot: Cookie uncovers Anika's secret; Lucious must face his rival; the Lyon sons take drastic measures.

Empire-lucious-sons 10. "Sins of the Father" March 11, 2015

Plot:  Andre starts a musical relationship with Michelle; a woman from Lucious' past comes back into the picture; Hakeem wants to show his father he's an artist and a businessman; Cookie gets ready to state her own agenda.

250px 11. "Die But Once" March 18, 2015

Plot: Andre's bond with Michelle becomes stronger. Jamal and Lucious form a stronger relationship centered on their music. Hakeem decides to get revenge on Lucious, while trying to figure out what the best move is for his career.

250px 12. "Who I Am" 18 marzo 2015

Plot: Lucious reveals good news that surprises his family; Everybody is working together to stop Lucious once and for all.

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