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Andre-Rhonda Relationship
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General Information
Nickname: Rhondre
Intimacy Level: Married
Children: Unnamed unborn child
Dating History: Dated in college
Dating Status: Married

The Andre-Rhonda Relationship, also known as Rhondre, is the romantic relationship and marriage between Andre Lyon and Rhonda Lyon.

Andre and Rhonda met and dated in college before marriage. During this time, however, Andre was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. However, despite Rhonda's awareness of his diagnosis, Lucious forced Rhonda not to reveal anything about it. The two eventually married, despite a few strains in their relationship, and Rhonda later reveals that she is pregnant with Andre's child in Who I Am, the final episode of Season 1.


Season 1

Throughout the season, there have been various hints that Andre was suffering from bipolar disorder; Rhonda, meanwhile, was often aware of his anger management issues and his need of medication. While their relationship was often strained, much to Andre's fits of rage or sneaky, conniving antics, Rhonda and Andre have often worked as allies to instigate a family feud between Hakeem and Jamal to have a better advantage of taking over Empire. However, Andre's schemes and demands have Based on numerous episodes, Andre and Rhonda's relationship is often sexual and rocky, but Rhonda also tends to support Andre or console him, despite his family's assumptions that Rhonda only cares for the money.

At one point, however, in Rhonda and Andre's relationship tears apart after Rhonda decides to leave him. However, in Who I Am, Rhonda returns during Andre's physical altercation with Vernon, and defends Andre by killing Vernon, hitting him with a vase. Scared of the possible consequences, Rhonda immediately reveals that she is pregnant.