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Creedmoor Records ("Creedmore Entertainment") is a private recording label and studio owned by Billy Beretti and was Empire Entertainment's lead competitor.

Notable members/employees

  • Billy Beretti (CEO & Executive Music Producer)
  • Lucious Lyon (former artist; left due to creative differences)

    Anika at Creedmoor

  • Anika Calhoun (former Head of A&R; returned to Empire; joined Lyon Dynasty)
  • Titan (formerly; left Creedmoor for Empire)
  • Veronica (formerly; left Creedmoor for Lyon Dynasty)
  • Madd Dogg (artist & producer)
  • Travie Wild (artist)
  • Kidd Fo-Fo (artist)


  • In promotional plot summaries/synopsis, Creedmore Records is called Safe House Records.
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