Cupid Kills
Season Three, Episode Four
Air date: October 12, 2016
Writers: Matt Pyken
Attica Locke
Director: Hanelle Culpepper
Premiere: 9.27 million
What Remains Is Bestial
One Before Another

Cupid Kills is the fourth episode of the third season of Empire and the 34th episode overall. It aired on October 12, 2016.

Things heat up between Cookie and Angelo, so Lucious finally recognizes Angelo as a formidable rival and prepares to take him on. Meanwhile, Jamal is finally able to face Freda Gatz, a big first step on his journey to recovery.


Lucious begins to see Angelo as a threat; Jamal takes his first big step towards recovery and faces Freda Gatz; Anika's return causes turmoil; Hakeem starts to have feelings for Nessa.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jessica Klaas as Sonja
  • Denzel Love as Barry
  • Juan Antonio as Philip
  • Ray Austin as John Holloway
  • Samuel Hunt as Xavier Rosen
  • Lisa Branch as Vivian Plumber
  • Malkia Stampley as Bridget Pearce
  • Marika Engelhardt as Gabrielle Gerard
  • Daniel Cantor as Judge
  • Martin Yurek as District Attorney
  • Bryson Thomas as Moonshine
  • Lauren Michelle as Gia Copeland

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Jamal pays off a doctor to create a falsified medical report clting that Freda suffered from temporary insanity as well as the fact that her life was in danger during her incarceration in order to get her freed from prison.
  • Shine decides to create a betting situation for Nessa's contract, earning Lucious' wrath. Andre convinces Nessa to sign with Empire; angered, Shine storms into the office, although he is beaten and subdued by Lucious and Andre. As retaliation, Shine decides to go to war against the Lyon family.
  • Andre and Nessa decide to engage in a sexual relationship.


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