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Diana Dubois
Diana dubois.jpg
General Information
Gender: Female
Family and Friends
Family: Angelo Dubois (son)

Warren Hall (nephew)
Lana hall (niece)
Lorris loach (cousin)
Ezekiel DuBois (relative)

Additional Information
Empire Chronology

Diana Dubois is the main antagonist of the third and fourth season of Empire.


She is Angelo Dubois's mother a powerhouse from one of New York's oldest and most prominent African-American families. She came from an impoverished background, and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

In "Love is a Smoke" Diana vows to destroy the Lyon family as Cookie Lyon turned down Angelo's proposal.

In "Fortune Be Not Crost", she blackmailed Hakeem Lyon, resulting in him losing any chance of custody of his daughter Bella.

In "The Lady Doth Protest" it is revealed that her nephew Warren Hall had only began seeing Jamal Lyon as part of her revenge plot.

In "Cupid Painted Blind", it is revealed that Diana had hired Andre's therapist who gave Andre pills that caused his love life with Pamela to be imaginary. This results in Andre suffering a breakdown.

In "Slave to Memory", Diana grows angry when she spots Cookie and Lucious dancing at the Captain's Ball as they had blackmailed Angelo into getting them inside. This results in her telling security to call the cops. Cookie then tells the crowd what Diana had done to the Lyon family, including the kidnapping of Bella Lyon. Diana is then arrested.


•Diana is friends with Helene von Wyatt the fashion designer •Diana is allergic to seafood •Diana is a board member of PETA