Eka Darville
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Biographical Information
Birth name: Eka Darville
Birth date: April 11, 1989
Birth place: Cairns, Australia
Nationality: Australian
Professional Information
Occupation: Actor
Years active: 2002-present
Portrays: Ryan Morgan

Eka Darville, born April 11, 1989, is an Australian actor. He attended Byron Bay High School, and he currently lives in Byron Bay, New South Wales, and Sydney. He portrays the role of Ryan Morgan, Jamal's love interest, in the FOX television series, Empire.

Early life and career

Darville is of mixed heritage; his father is Jamaican, and his mother is Canadian. Eka Darville is mostly known for his role as Adam Bridge in the series, Blue Water High. He also played the role of Scott Truman in Power Rangers RPM.  

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