Empire: Music From The Pilot
Empire Cast
Released January 6, 2015
Produced by Timbaland
Empire: Music From The Pilot is a digital extended play from the cast of Empire. The extended play includes all of the songs from the Pilot episode of Season One. The songs offers vocals prominently from Bryshere Y. GrayJussie Smollett, and Veronika Bozeman. The songs were produced by Timbaland.


# TitleOriginal Artist(s) Length
1. "What Is Love"  Veronika Bozeman 1:29
2. "Live In The Moment"  Jussie Smollett and Yazz 2:20
3. "Good Enough"  Jussie Smollett 3:50
4. "Right There"  Yazz 2:14
5. "Armani"  Yazz 1:45
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