Empire TV Show Wiki

What are administrators? Administrators are the leaders of the wiki. They have the ability to ban users that are disobeying the rules and promote users that are doing well and meeting the wiki's rules. 

These are the administrators of Empire Wiki. If you need any form of advice, assistance, or if you have any suggestions for the wiki. you can contact them!

Administrator Name
REBƎLReloaded Gold disk.png Founder | Bureaucrat | Administrator Trae Active
Hebron14 Gold disk.png Administrator Matthew Inactive
Murali9395 Gold disk.png Administrator | Bureaucrat Murali Active
Snixx Monteith Gold disk.png Administrator Eduardo Inactive


What is the difference between an administrator and a bureaucrat?
Administrators and bureaucrats alike are able to have access to locked pages that are protected, delete pages, files, comments, and threads, block users or IP addresses, and change the themes and more. However, unlike administrators, bureaucrats are able to promote users to bureaucrats as well, as admins can promote only users to chat moderators.

How can I be an administrator or a bureaucrat?
In order to become an admin, you have to be very active for the first 3 weeks or more. To be an admin, it is required that you make at least 50 quality edits or more per week. If you are very dedicated in helping the wiki, and you make quality edits and create necessary pages, it will benefit your chances of being an administrator.

Also, if you would like to nominate yourself for adminship, you have to be sure that your edits are very qualified, you are active and devoted to the wiki. You may contact an admin above to suggest a possible promotion.

A certain bureaucrat will gladly make you an administrator. To become a bureaucrat depends on your activity as an admin. If you are very engaged and helpful with other admins, you may have better chances of becoming a bureaucrat. 

What should a user not do to be promoted?
A user willing to become an administrator has to be respectful at all costs. A user shouldn't engage in arguments or take part in any immature tactic that keeps the community tense and uncomfortable for fellow peers. If you are disrespectful or resistant towards the rules, you may not be promoted unless your behavior changes.

What should an administrator or bureaucrat NOT do?
Regardless of the positions of the administrators, every admin will have the same rules as users. If an administrator or bureaucrat is seen abusing their powers (giving unfair bans to users, disrespecting users), they will have ONE warning. The second time a situation like this occurs, there will be a 2-week suspension from their administrator rights. Once an administrator returns and continues this behavior, they will be demoted.

How can administrators and bureaucrats help me?
Administrators not only settle edits or user conflicts,  but if a user needs any help or advice from an admin, feel free to contact them via message wall. They may be able to help you depending on what is needed from you. If an admin is not able to help you right away, don' worry, we'll be very urgent to get back to you as soon as possible.

Are there any other ways to become an administrator?
Yes. There are many different ways, and one of them is to be a part of our newcoming editing team. We will assist approximately 7-8 users and more to take part in the editing team to ensure that vandalism, grammar, and behavior issues are settled right away. If an admin notices your great behavior and activiity, you may have possible chances of being an admin!