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For My God
Die But Once
Album: For My God (featuring Jennifer Hudson)
Released: March 18, 2015
By: Empire Cast
Sung by: Michelle White and Church Choir
Place: Church

For My God is an original song featured in the Season One episode, Die But Once. It is performed by Michelle White and the church choir. The song is performed frequently while many events occur at the resolution of the episode, such as Cookie attempting to kill Lucious, a romantic encounter between Jamal and Ryan, and Rhonda's ultrasound.


Michelle with Church Choir

There ain't nothing too hard (For my God) [3x]
Nothing is impossible
He can solve your problems (Oh yeah)
There ain't nothing too hard (For my God)

No one ever said it would be easy
There will be some good time and bad
But be waiting on that join the morning
Ain't nobody got no time for that (Ain't nobody got no time for that)
Ain't nobody got no time for that

Chorus Repeat



For My God (feat. Jennifer Hudson)


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