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Hakeem Lyon
Hakeem Lyon (Bryshere Y. Gray) - Empire Season 3 Official Cast Photo.jpg
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Resides in: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (formerly)
New York City, New York
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: April 6th 1994
Occupation(s): Rapper/Artist at Lyon Family Management, formerly at Empire Entertainment and Lyon Dynasty
Co-founder of Lyon Dynasty
CEO of Empire Entertainment (briefly)
Aliases: Keem
Little Baby Traitor (by Jamal)
Daddy's Little Girl (by Freda Gatz)
Family and Friends
Family: Lucious Lyon (father)
Cookie Lyon (mother)
Jeffery Kingsley(older half-brother)
Andre Lyon (big brother)
Jamal Lyon (big brother)
Anika Calhoun(stepmother; formerly)
Bella Lyon (daughter with Anika)
Tiana Brown (ex-wife)
Prince Lyon (son with Tiana)
Princess Lyon(daughter with Tiana)
Maya Lyon (wife)
Other Relatives: Rhonda Lyon(sister-in-law)
Bunkie Williams(maternal cousin)
Carol Hardaway (maternal aunt)
Leah Walker (grandmother)
Joe Walker † (grandfather)
Tariq Cousins (paternal uncle)
Candace (maternal aunt)
Unborn sister † (deceased)
Unborn nephew † (deceased)
Olivia Lyon (ex-sister-in-law)
Luther Hardaway (cousin)
Keisha Hardaway (cousin)
Tanya Hardaway (cousin)
Franklin (cousin)
Brianna (cousin)
Relationships: Maya (wife)
Laura Calleros (ex-fiancée)
Camilla Marks(ex-girlfriend/lover)
Anika Calhoun † (lover/sexual affair)
Tory Ash(hook-up; threesome with Tiana)

Tiana Brown (ex-wife)

Friends: Chicken
Employer: Lucious Lyon (formerly)
Cookie Lyon (formerly)
Enemies: Cookie Lyon (formerly)
Jamal Lyon (formerly)
Lucious Lyon
Laz Delgado
Nessa Parker
Angelo Dubois
Diana Dubois
Eddie Barker
Blake formerly
Additional Information
Clique: Tay-O
Lil Chris
Talent: Rapping/producing
Empire Chronology
First Appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Bryshere Y. Gray

Hakeem Lyon is a main character in the television series, Empire. He is the youngest son of Lucious and Cookie Lyon, brother to Andre and Jamal, and the father of Bella and Prince Lyon.

He is a rap artist, who was signed to his father's label, Empire Entertainment, and was also signed to his and his mother's label, Lyon Dynasty. He is currently signed to Lyon Family Management.

With his former flame Camilla's help, he became the CEO of Empire, and used his newfound wealth and power to purchase Lyon Dynasty. His tenure as CEO was short lived, however, as he was shown to be incompetent and was effectively voted out of power. 

Hakeem is portrayed by actor and rapper, Bryshere Y. Gray.


Born to Lucious Lyon and Cookie Lyon; he is the youngest of three sons, including Jamal and Andre. He and his mother have an estranged relationship; when Hakeem was a baby, Cookie was sent to jail for 17 years. Hakeem grew up in the spotlight because his father's rap career was just taking off as he was born. Because of their father's work ethic and their mother's incarceration, Hakeem and his brothers had a caregiver, Dottie, who died a few years after. As of now, Hakeem vies for his father's throne as the CEO of Empire, and his musical talents may be the catalyst to his success.

Empire Chronology

Season One


Hakeem performing Right There at the studio.

Hakeem, first introduced as the youngest, lively, fame-hungry son, seems to get to his head. He first performs Live In The Moment with his brother, Jamal, and realizes that his father, Lucious, will relinquish his leadership of Empire Entertainment to any of Hakeem's brothers. Although Hakeem is determined to take the throne, he takes advantage of his success to flirt with women and drink alcohol. His party-behavior continues throughout the episode. Once Hakeem's mother returns from 17 years of jail, it is evident that his relationship with Cookie is estranged, thus expressing his distrust. However, Lucious plans to rev up Hakeem's music career, requesting that he performs songs that he wrote for Hakeem. When realizing that Lucious' material is unappealing, he confides in Jamal to increase his confidence in hopes of not trying to be like his father. Hakeem performs Right There, with the help of Jamal, and he receives positive reception from Lucious, urgent to make him a star. Meanwhile, Hakeem and Jamal are confirmed to release their albums, but tension arises as Jamal is Cookie's protege, and Lucious manages Hakeem.

The Outspoken King

Hakeem finds himself attracted to a new hip-hop/R&B singer and dancer, Tiana, who doesn't seem to care about his wealth, and she calls him "phony." Hakeem starts to prepare for a performance at Laviticus, but he doesn't have a back-up to perform with him. Hakeem, meanwhile, is devastated by the news of Bunkie's death. Lucious is called out for favoring Jamal and underestimating Jamal in terms of success, Cookie tries

Hakeem performing No Apologies at Laviticus.

to coerce Lucious into letting Jamal perform with Hakeem at Laviticus. Hakeem, in a drunken and immature manner, leaks a viral video that bashes white people, calling Barack Obama a sellout. As a result of the viral popularity of the video, Lucious is infuriated with his behavior, but more people may attend his Laviticus performance because of it. During his night at Laviticus, Hakeem asks Jamal to perform with him. As the two perform No Apologiesthis becomes his first successful performance as an artist. At the end of the episode, he hooks up with Tiana, who is pleased with his popularity.

The Devil Quotes Scripture

Although Hakeem wants to shoot a music video, Lucious suggestions that he should go to the studio to make more music, implying that he isn't as successful as he thinks. When it is assumed that Hakeem is in a relationship with Tiana, it is also revealed that he is in a year-long affair with an older woman, Camilla.  Meanwhile, Hakeem is teased by Andre, who jokes about Hakeem's potential of inheriting the Empire Entertainment label because of his close relationship with Lucious. However, Hakeem doesn't want to be viewed as "daddy's boy" but as his own person. 

False Imposition

Hakeem, still determined to shoot a music video for his album, is urged by Lucious to go to the studio to record new music. By keeping him occupied with music, Lucious gives away Hakeem's concert tickets, forcing him to prove that he could be just as successful as rapper, Titan. Meanwhile, because of the popularity of Hakeem's relationship with Tiana, Lucious and Anika gives them a slot to perform at the Teen Choice Awards Nominations at Laviticus. Although Hakeem disagrees with performing for a younger fan base, he is convinced that it will bolster a mainstream base for his career. However, Hakeem's distant relationship with Cookie, who manages Tiana, causes him to attend rehearsals late or refuse to show up. 

Hakeem is forced to sing Keep It Movin'a song performed by Tiana, and Lucious urges him to respect Cookie. Tiana, disappointed in Hakeem's irresponsibility, discovers Hakeem and Camilla in the hot tub together. Meanwhile, Hakeem fears Tiana will negatively retaliate, but the two later perform at the nominations. Hakeem, meanwhile, refuses to find forgiveness in Cookie for her 17-year long absence. 

Dangerous Bonds

Hakeem find out that Tiana was cheating on him.

Hakeem and Tiana's relationship continues to evolve through their success as a celebrity couple, although Hakeem is unaware of Tiana's relationship with another girl. Meanwhile, Hakeem, through a presentation at Empire Enterprises, introduces a plan for his new music video for Drip Dropalthough it may be extremely expensive for shooting, to gain further success over Jamal. During filming of his music video, Hakeem's brother Andre and wife, Rhonda, discover Tiana's affair with India and posts it and friends discover it, leaving Hakeem enraged, he confronts her for cheating, only to be called out by Tiana for cheating on her with Camilla.

Hakeem, later on, refuses to work with Tiana, but he is convinced by Lucious to continue filming and reconcile with Tiana. The music video is completely filmed, but he is later confronted by Jamal for sending his friends to his studio to rob him. This causes Jamal to become very upset and the two get into a fight, leading to Jamal punching Hakeem in the stomach. It later leads into an altercation that forces Hakeem to call Andre, who set up the situation. 

Out, Damned Spot

Before dinner, Jamal tries to make up with Hakeem for getting into a fight with him. However it seems that Hakeem doesn't want to do that. At his apartment, Hakeem is staring at the pictures of Tiana and her girlfriend. Tiana tries to call him but he declines. He then goes to call Camilla but she doesn't pick up. Getting frustrated, Hakeem picks up a shisha tube.

Hakeem in the studio

Later that night at Laviticus, a drunk Hakeem approaches Jamal to try to convince him to help him with his song. Cookie tells him both herself and Jamal would come to help, but he yells at her and say "I didn't invite you", while continuing to ask for Jamal for his help. The only thing Jamal is concerned about, though, is Hakeem's treatment of Cookie and he lets his little brother know that he's not going to stand for that type of disrespect anymore. In the studio, Hakeem finds himself doing a new track called Can't Trust 'Em and his delivery on the first take isn't as fiery as it needs to be. After some pushing from Lucious, he gets more aggressive, taking his anger out at Cookie and Tiana, and significantly improves the track. In the conference room, Hakeem and Lucious are playing the track for Anika and she loves it. Jamal and Cookie comes into the room after hearing it in the halls and start blasting him about it. They tell him why does he hate women so much that he needs to make such a sexist song about them. He tells them that he doesn't hate women, only the ones that did him wrong, referring to Cookie and Tiana.

Our Dancing Days

Hakeem and Camilla have dinner at his apartment, he gives her a necklace with his name on it, but Camilla is angry at him for not taking her out in public, and she wants to be treated like Tiana. Hakeem agrees to let her come to his next performance, as a private investor on the VIP list, and promises her hell take her out in public next time.

At the rehearsal Hakeem and Jamal argue about the how each other are performing, then Cookie tells them how hard Andre is working, trying to bring big time investors to Empire, for Lucious, and that she wanted them to come together, so it will benefit them both. Then Lucious walks in and says "Hakeem listen to your mother, very wise woman", then later Hakeem finds out Jamal's going to be a daddy, because Olivia left Lola in an elevator.

Hakeem performs Live In The Moment with Jamal outstide Laviticus, and sees Camilla inside, before going to change for the performance. Lucious tells Hakeem and Jamal, that they are opening for the investors, not Elle, and tells them to stop their beef with each other, then Cookie tells them to shake hands, which they do and make up. Jamal and Hakeem perform Money for Nothing as Cookie watches proudly backstage. Lucious brings his family, including Rhonda, to his house to reveal that he has ALS, because the symptoms are worsening, it may be fatal. While the family revels in his health concerns, Andre continues to focus on the IPO, leading to an altercation with Hakeem. Andre and Rhonda exit Lucious's home, and Lucious encourages Hakeem and Jamal to be strong.

The Lyon's Roar

Hakeem sits at church praying for his father; as Jamal arrives, the two discuss the family song, while Jamal believes that Lucious' health is more important at that point, but Hakeem encourages Jamal to be on board with the song. Eventually, the two are joined by Cookie and Lucious in the studio, performing You're So Beautiful, while Andre unhappily watches.

Hakeem rants at his mother and Lucious says to tell Cookie why he’s so mad. Lucious tells them he’s about to be dead and they have to learn to work together. He says to tell Cookie why he’s always so damned mad. Hakeem says she acts like she runs the show and she forgot him while she was away. Hakeem also says she loves Jamal more than him. Lucious thanks him for his honesty. Cookie sits by Hakeem and says she doesn’t love Jamal more. She says she just knows him better. Lucious asks Hakeem if he can get to know his mama better. Hakeem says no and Cookie smacks his head. They agree to get back to work. She tells him to pull back off the beat and kisses him.

Hakeem lets Camilla listen to the song at his apartment, with her commenting about how Jamal was last in the song; with Hakeem explaining that how when they lats preformed at the showcase they fought, and he wanted Jamal to go last to make them even, and says not to refer to herself as mama anymore. She agrees and says she got him a fancy white dress for the white party. Then Hakeem tells her that hes going to buy her a fancy white dress to go with it, so he could take her to the white party, so everyone can meet his new queen. Camilla tells him not to let Jamal go last and says the best goes last.

Cookie compliments Hakeem’s new black jacket and he says he wants to go last on the family song instead of Jamal. He says it would make him feel good if once she favored him over Jamal. She says she has to talk to Jamal and Lucious and says he would be great going last. He kisses her and thanks her and she’s pleased.

Hakeem walks in with Camilla. Cookie sees them and asks to be introduced. Hakeem asks Cookie to be nice. Cookie says he needs to date a younger woman so he can give her grand babies. Camilla tells Cookie if Hakeem doesn’t go last on the track, he’s out. Cookie calls her Yoko and says to enjoy her playtime with her son and says he ain’t settling for a cougar bitch who is taking advantage of his mommy issues. Later Hakeem and Camilla watch Jamal sing You're So Beautiful.

The next day Hakeem comes to see Jamal and tells him he’s famous. Jamal tells him that Hakeem is stupid. Hakeem says Camille got him all hyped about going last and says he doesn’t care. Jamal suggests they do a chorus together. Hakeem says he came brother to brother to tell him that he’s proud of him. He says it was the bravest thing he’s seen in his life. They hug it out.

Unto the Breach

Hakeem says they’re going to blow Creedmoor to the ground. Lucious tells him to tuck in and learn. Later Lucious meets with Travie who tells him that labels are old and dying and he can release direct on the internet for more money.Andre interrupts they’re having their own streaming service. Andre is selling hard but Travie says he can’t pay him 30%. Travie says his people will call him. He finishes his drink and Hakeem shows him out. Later Hakeem rants to Lucious about letting Andre run all over him, with Lucious explaining that he wants Hakeem to watch learn so when he runs Empire he'll know what to do; and to find Andre to get the money he has.

Hakeem is with Jamal and they’re all looking for Andre. They see Andre who says he took all the cash and bought a Lamborghini. Hakeem says their dad is going to be mad. Andre goes nuts and they argue as the elevator shuts down. Andre has a break down and then starts talking to himself about giving the car to someone so their dad doesn’t have to know. Hakeem and Jamal try to calm him down and agree to help. Jamal sings Lean on Me to Andre to calm him. He tells Andre that’s his part. He sings the hook and Jamal sings with him. Andre is all sweaty and looks scary. The two of them start to sing then Hakeem join in. They all hug each other and Andre starts to come down a little. 

When everyone finds out Anika is going to get Tiana, Cookie says she’ll get Tiana and tells Hakeem to come with her while Jamal and Lucious go meet Delphine. Anika gets out of a taxi when Hakeem runs up to her and asks why she’s doing this. He says his dad hurts them all and they forgive him. She says that’s the problem with their family. Hakeem says she’s family and belongs with them. She says she loves Lucious but can’t keep doing this with him. She says she has to make the best of this. Anika sees Cookie inside with Tiana. Hakeem says he knows his dad has done her wrong. Porsha and some of her lady thugs block Anika from going inside. They tell her that Anika was lying when she said Lucious wanted him fired. Tiana says she wants to get back with Hakeem if she comes back to Empire. Hakeem says he’s still in love with Camilla. He says he’s not going to lie to him. Cookie says she’s family and says Beretti doesn’t care about her and it’s just a war for him. Cookie says she should make the right decision for her career.

When Lucious offers to get Delphine to Empire, he allows her to sing with him and Jamal, and they take the stage at Laviticus to sing "You’re So Beautiful". Then Tiana shows up and Jamal introduces her, Hakeem and Cookie. Hakeem takes over and sings then Tiana comes up and sings with them. Cookie sits at the piano with Lucious and they all sing as a family.

Sins Of The Father

At the Holden-Jones Clinic, Cookie, Jamal, Hakeem and Andre’s wife, Rhonda, are introduced to his doctor and Michelle White, the hospital’s musical therapist. They all reminded Andre that Empire going public was all thanks to him, and reminded him that he had to sign over his shares the next day as the final step.

Hakeem and his girlfriend, Camilla Marks then came, and they showed them the pictures she took of him, and the song that the two of them had thought of in order to expand his musical sound, so Hakeem sings, Nothing But a Number. They all agreed that it was good, but Lucious, who knew that Cookie didn’t like Camilla, tried to pay off all of her debts in order for her to go back to London and to leave Hakeem. In the end, she tore up the check, and told him that the moment she hears that he was dead, she would come back for Hakeem. While Lucious was talking to Camilla, Hakeem and Jamal sang the Lola song to Lola so that she would be able to fall asleep. Lucious then reveals to Hakeem that Camilla was going to London.

Die But Once

Hakeem was beyond angry with Lucious for extorting Camilla, though what he didn’t know is that she didn’t take the money. To get revenge, during a big Empire show with Snoop Dogg, Hakeem did a rap putting his father on blast: “They say he the king/Well I’m the prince/I’m gonna run the Empire/And leave with your bitch/I’m gone.” After storming off stage, Lucious then punches his son in the face.

Lucious later told Cookie he overreacted and that she could still produce the concert, but became distracted when he found out that Hakeem was at a party with with Beretti because he wanted to join Creedmoore. While Jamal was talking to Beretti, Lucious walked in and found Hakeem hooking up with… Anika. Then the two went to Hakeem's place and had sex, both simply doing it to get back at Lucious. 

Who I Am

Lucious tells Hakeen, Jamal, Andre, and Cookie, that he's not dying and gives everyone a gift. With each gift, Lucious makes an attempt to “forgive” each of his sons and move on (and also hope to get their forgiveness in return even though he says, “I’m not asking y’all to forgive me”). Hakeem got a gold chain with a lion in the middle with wings, with Lucious saying "I should have never tried to control you, that was wrong, and i'm sorry about Camilla. So when your album drops, you'll have your own jet to tour, anywhere you want; and don't let me or anybody else ever try and control you again." Through Jamal’s gift, he reveals that he made Jamal his successor, which ultimately upsets Hakeem and Andre.

Hakeem talks with Jamal, now with him being the successor of Empire, and tells him he wants to be in charge on how his album gets dropped, and what gigs he wants to do to per mote it, Jamal agrees to this, but believes his album should be pushed back at least 2 months, to make smart programming and that they will figure it out.

In the next scene, it is revealed that Anika and Hakeem are still speaking to one another. And Anika gets Hakeem into the notion of a hostile takeover to take over Empire, alongside Andre. While Hakeem gets his shape-up fixed, he manages to talk his mother, Cookie, into the hostile takeover too. Then, Anika, Cookie, Hakeem and Andre all meet up to discuss what they plan on doing, but Cookie and Anika get into huge physical fight. But they do eventually get past the fighting and speak on how the hostile takeover is going to happen. This conversations happens through a rich white man named Tony Trichter, also known as Tricky Trichter because he’s the best at hostile takeovers. They plan on getting him to buy into Empire through the signing of his grandson who wants to be a rapper.

At The Lucious Lyon Sound Hakeem and Jamal perform a new version of their father song What The DJ Says.After the performance Lucious gets arrested for the murder of Bunkie, leaving Jamal to perform their song with Patti LaBelle as Lucious is being walked into the police car, passing Andre and Hakeem, who look at him with a grin; and later Hakeem with Anika, recording Power of The Empire.

Season Two

The Devils Are Here

At the #FreeLucious concert, many artists sing songs about Lucious' unfair incarceration and the American prison system as a whole, which they believe is prejudiced against black men and should be dismantled, piece by piece.Hakeem is against performing because he'll have to put on a charade that he too believes Lucious' incarceration is unjust, as he is now aware that his father killed Bunkie. Cookie, however, tells him that the entire point of the concert is to persuade investor Mimi Whiteman to fork over the $250 million needed to take over Empire. Hakeem joins Jamal on stage, while Andre brings in Mimi to meet with Cookie.

The tension between Hakeem and Jamal is evident, and Hakeem angrily leaves and throws a childish outburst, tattling on his mother, when Jamal criticizes Hakeem's album artwork. Also with Hakeem's album Jamal tells Lucious that Hakeem is unable to focus or concentrate on it, despite Cookie trying her best; and that he doesn't like taking orders from him. At Hakeem's place, Cookie throws a party with a bunch of girls kissing in order to entice Mimi even more, as Mimi is willing to give $250 million to them, and Hakeem invites Anika, though Cookie doesn't like it.

At Empire, Cookie, Hakeem, Andre and Anika barge into a board of directors meeting, where Jamal is attempting to assuage them about the fact that a shareholder has purchased controlling interest in the company. Hakeem and Cookie spill the beans about them wanting to control Empire, with Andre telling the board members that as they now own the controlling shares in Empire, they are removing Lucious from his position as CEO. Hakeem provokes Jamal, but tells him that it's just business, and not personal. However, Jamal defers to Mimi, who swivels around in her chair. Mimi tells them that she met with Lucious this morning, and believes that Lucious is Empire as Empire is Lucious, and therefore, as she controls the shares, will not be removing Lucious as CEO. She tells that the company is nothing without Lucious, as Jamal switches the TV on, as Lucious, connected to the meeting via a live stream, laughs in his victory.

Cookie tells the family to go to Lucious' house while she try to deal with Frank Gathers. Hakeem sits with Jamal and Jamal says "I'm going to bury your album Hakeem, Its never going to see the light of day." Hakeem believes hes only doing it because Jamal wants to be the only one on top, and believes his album would sell more than Jamal's would. Then Hakeem slams his hands on the table and yells "I deserve to be the king!" while Jamal grins. Cookie enters Lucious' house and tells them that Lucious has dealt with Frank, even in jail. Jamal, however, orders everyone out of his father's house, as they all conspired against him. Rhonda and Andre leave, but Hakeem is hesitant, as the house isn't even Jamal's. Cookie tells Hakeem to go and that she'll deal with Jamal. Jamal, however, tells her to get out, which causes Cookie to slap him twice, with tears running down her face. As she leaves, Jamal shuts the door on her.

Without a Country

The episode begins with Cookie, Andre and Hakeem packing up their belongings and leaving Empire, Cookie announcing that they're going to start their own company. Hakeem wants to bring Royale-T, Ratzo, and Tiana , he also invites Anika, who's managed to bring in Veronica, and Hakeem wants to make a girl group like Destiny's Child.

Hakeem is busy holding auditions for his girl group, where he meets Valentina, a Latin girl who shows that she can sing. However, she has no desire to be a part of a group. Andre crashes the auditions telling Hakeem off for holding auditions without asking them, but Hakeem states he doesn't have to ask permission. Andre tries to talk to it with Cookie, telling her that Hakeem needs to record music as his album is locked to Empire. At Ghetto Ass Studios, Hakeem tries to sell his girl group as "Rainbow Sensation". Cookie calls it the dumbest name ever, while Anika praises the concept. 

Hakeem talks to Tiana about being part of the girl group that he's making, but she denies the offer. As Hakeem steps out of Ghetto Ass Studios, Jamal rolls up in Lucious' car and tells him to get inside. Jamal tells him that Hakeem is family, and tells him to remain at Empire. Hakeem agrees only if Jamal brings Andre and Cookie back, but Jamal wants to take baby steps. Cookie steps out and notices Jamal and Hakeem in the car, but Jamal rolls the window up and orders the driver to drive off. Hakeem is in his bathtub with Valentina, where she tells him that she would be in his girl group if it was at Empire, since Empire is hip hop legendary.

At Ghetto Ass Studios, Hakeem reveals to Andre and Cookie that he leaked his album online. Cookie wonders if that is legal, but Hakeem adds that he doesn't care.At Jamal's apartment, Jamal sings a song he dedicates to Hakeem. He asks Hakeem to come back to Empire, but Hakeem reveals that he doesn't want to. When Jamal inquires about the album, Hakeem tells him that he leaked it online, prompting Jamal to tell Hakeem that he will sue him. Hakeem doesn't care, telling Jamal that he's now at Lyon Dynasty, the label Cookie founded. He tells Jamal that one day he will perform and outsell Madison Square Garden, and when he does so, he will hook Lucious and Jamal up with tickets.

Cookie has managed to rent a bigger space from a Jewish company which will become the new headquarters and recording studio for Lyon Dynasty. As Hakeem joins her to clean up the place, they both hear Lucious' new song on the radio. Hakeem is surprised that his father was able to release a song from jail, and tells Cookie that Lucious will come for them.

Fires of Heaven

At Hakeem's place, Cookie shows up to take him to an interview with Sway at Apex Radio. However, she sees Valentina there, and realizes he hooked up with her, to which she slaps him and calls him stupid. As he leaves with Cookie, Valentina asks him to give her a shoutout for her Twitter. After performing a Bout 2 Blow, he sits down for an interview, where he talks to Sway about leaking his album online. Sway asks him what Lucious thought about it, but as Hakeem hasn't spoken to him yet, Sway calls Lucious. Lucious, who is surprised at the news, simply tells Sway that Hakeem needs to grow up. Hakeem tells Sway that he's producing a new girl group, Mirage a Trois. When Sway asks if Hakeem could get the girl group on his show within the week, Cookie tells him no, but Hakeem promises him anyways.

That night, the whole family, including Rhonda, are over at Lucious' house for dinner. Lucious offers to forgive them for everything they did against him if they dissolve Lyon Dynasty, but Cookie refuses, and Hakeem tells Lucious that nobody's afraid of him, while Cookie leaves, she pulls all the food out from under the tablecloth and walks out. Over at their studio, Hakeem is struggling to have his girl group work. Cookie asks for them to redo the hook, but Hakeem does not appreciate his mother butting in, and wants her to trust him like how she would Jamal. Valentina initially refuses to sing as Hakeem did not give her a shoutout, but after he calls her pretty she gives in.

At Laviticus, Jamal is performing for the audience with Miami rapper Pitbull. However, Chicken hijacks the DJ's booth and the performance is interrupted by Cookie and a squad of goons, and Cookie introduces Lyon Dynasty's newest and hottest artist -- Hakeem Lyon. Hakeem sings Dynasty, talking about taking down the Empire, and refers to himself as the lion and his father as the cub.

Hakeem's girl group argues, but later Cookie whips Valentina and the other two girls into shape, Hakeem strolls in and is amazed by his mother's ability to get them in shape, and asks where she learned this skill from, to which Cookie replies that she learned it in prison. At Apex Radio, Sway is waiting for Mirage a Trois to go up. Everyone is there except Valentina, who is running late. Lucious walks in, telling Cookie that he's crashing her event as she did to him, but tells him that their event is cancelled since he bought out Apex Radio. He quickly tells Cookie and Hakeem that they shouldn't be surprised, since they know all about him. Valentina then walks in. Hakeem apologizes for his father messing up her appearance on the radio, but Lucious tells him that he signed Valentina. Valentina apologizes to Hakeem as she goes up to perform solo. Lucious reminds Cookie that as Empire now controls the radio, it would make it much harder for Lyon Dynasty's songs to be played, and tells them that their company is done for. As Cookie walks out and Lucious calls Hakeem a "little baby lion cub", Hakeem then walks out with silence and anger while Lucious watches Valentina and laughs over his victory.

Poor Yorick

At Lyon Dynasty's studio, Anika tries to plead Cookie to hire her, but Cookie refuses. After Anika tells her & Hakeem about the raid on Empire, Cookie tells Hakeem to convince Valentina to come back and tells Anika that if she can convince Royale-T to leave Empire and join Lyon Dynasty, then she'd hire her back. However, as Cookie tries to leave, the Feds arrive with a warrant to search the premises. That night, the Lyon family, minus Rhonda, plus Thirsty, have private meeting at Laviticus. Thirsty tells them that the entire ordeal won't be over until they find Vernon Turner and convince him not to testify. He also tells them, that for the sake of public image, they need to stop feuding and make it seem like that they're all in this together. Hakeem asks Lucious if he killed Bunkie, but Lucious lies and tells Hakeem that he would never lay a finger on Bunkie.

At Hakeem's trailer, Lucious comes in with a beat he's made specifically for Hakeem and asks Hakeem to listen to it, which Hakeem refuses to listen to. He and Jamal then begin singing and filming "Ain't About The Money". Later Hakeem listens to Lucious' beat and agrees that it's dope, but refuses to return to Empire and manage Valentina. Lucious tells him that he needs a resourceful label behind him, and that Cookie isn't reliable, as she hasn't been seen for half an hour.

At the video shoot, the painter shows Lucious and Jamal the finished product. Lucious praises Jamal, which stirs an intense about of jealousy in Hakeem. Hakeem lashes out. Lucious calls Hakeem a mama's boy, which infuriates Hakeem. Lucious tells Hakeem that he chose Jamal instead of him since Jamal doesn't need his mama to work. Hakeem takes a knife in anger and stabs the painting and demands they continue the shoot, a move that impresses Lucious. While shooting, Jamal and Hakeem get into a fight. Jamal punches Hakeem in the face, at which point Hakeem trips Jamal to the floor. Hakeem then grabs a baseball bat and stands up, and prepares to swing at Jamal's face, to the gasps of everyone else. Hakeem doesn't swing, but asks why everyone is shocked and declares that the Lyons were never a real family, and leaves the shoot. Later, Hakeem sits at a fancy bar, where he types a text message apologizing to Jamal, although he deletes it and doesn't end up sending it. Then he hears Laura, a Latin singer, and smiles as he notices her talent. 

Be True

At Lyon Dynasty, Tiana is undergoing a photo shoot. Cookie is struggling to remove text alerts from her phone which Porsha enabled, and tells Tiana that she fired Porsha since Porsha got her arrested. The pair view Lucious' video as Hakeem walks in with Laura. Hakeem tells Tiana to show Laura to the studio and kisses Tiana on the cheek before he walks away. Laura sees this and asks Tiana if they're together, but Tiana tells her that Hakeem is like that with all the girls.

Later at Lyon Dynasty, Laura, Carmen and Marisol are dancing to Pharrell's music. Hakeem hugs Laura from behind and kisses her on her lower neck, asking her if she feels him. Laura, disgusted, leaves, telling Hakeem that she's not like other girls, and that she should have known better.

Andre and Hakeem go over to Jamal's apartment, where Hakeem is surprised that he wasn't invited to Jamal's party, evidenced by wine glasses and Becky being knocked out on the sofa. Andre confesses to his brothers that he arranged for Hakeem's goons to rob Jamal and pinned it on Hakeem (back in "Dangerous Bonds"). Jamal is hurt that his brother would go that far, and Hakeem is aghast since Jamal almost died that day. Andre simply states that he was sick then and he was sorry, and he is forgiven by both Jamal and Hakeem. He invites the two to his baptism, to which Hakeem states he'll come, but Jamal is wary due to the fact that he may be told to "pray away the gay". Andre tells Jamal that even if the church is against homosexuality, he is not, and asks Jamal to come to support him, and not the church.

Meanwhile, as Laura is walking in order to catch a train home, Hakeem pulls up next to her. He apologizes, adding that he's never met a girl singer who wasn't down with him. Laura tells him that she doesn't care about the money or the fame, and that all she wants to do is sing and make people happy. Hakeem tells her that his driver will bring her home and that he'll catch a cab, but not before telling her that he won't ever overstep his bounds, and that he respects her.

Later as Andre is successfully baptized, Cookie holds Jamal's hands, which Hakeem notices. Hakeem then goes on a run around the park topless. However, he is then kidnapped and dragged into a van.

A High Hope For a Low Heaven

The episode begins with Hakeem being hauled out of the van he was kidnapped him, with a sack over his head. He is thrown on the sofa, and the kidnappers change their attire and masks. The kidnappers mention that they should have kidnapped Jamal, as he is the most talented brother. Hakeem manages to get the sack off, and notices bull tattoos on all three of their backs. When he provokes them by calling them a bunch of cowboys, he is pistol whipped in the head so hard, he begins from the corner of his left eye.

At Lyon Dynasty, Cookie is frantically trying to reach Hakeem, but to no avail. She is unable to go through with their rehearsal due to his absence, but after trying to call him a second time, she receives a video of Hakeem being restrained. Believing it to be the work of Lucious, she dismisses it. Lucious sees her phone and states that he did not do this; he and Cookie then leave to get Hakeem back. When the kidnappers send a video of Hakeem as proof, they tell Lucious to drop off the money in a trash bin near a welding spot, and that they'll drop Hakeem off three blocks west.

Hakeem, who is freed, wanders the streets in a dazed manner, still bleeding from his wound. Anika is also walking throughout the city, crying as she is talking to her mother on the phone on how she has nothing anymore. As she opens the gate and heads to the front door of her house, Hakeem waits in the side; he pulls her in and kisses her, and pushes her against the door, as Anika smiles and welcomes the affection.

Later that night, Hakeem walks into Lucious' house, where his parents and brothers are waiting for him, along with a doctor. They pester him with questions, but he rebuffs at them angrily, stating he's fine. The doctor asks to check him over, but Hakeem tells him that all he has is a jacked eye; the doctor, however, tells him he wishes to check for "other signs of abuse", implying sexual abuse (Hakeem also responds that he's straight twice). As Hakeem is led to another room, Cookie notices that Anika is calling him, but Andre tells her to leave him alone for now. Hakeem enters the other room and takes off his shirt, where both the doctor and Cookie notice that he's been branded with the bull tattoo. After being checked over, the doctor states that he's fine. Lucious pays the doctor and sends him on his way, but Hakeem lashes out at his father, claiming that they pretend to be a white pickett family when in reality, they're the opposite. He also blames his parents, telling them that he wouldn't have been kidnapped if he wasn't their son. He then leaves Lucious' house, with Lucious telling Cookie to give him a few days off.

At Lyon Dynasty, Hakeem is watching as Mirage a Trois is rehearsing their song ("Runnin'"), however his hearing is distorted and he is unable to successfully rehearse. He then lashes out at the girls for ruining the song he wrote, adding that they sound like static. Later, Hakeem is trying to escape into his music and practice his rap verse, but is once more distorted, clearly traumatized by his kidnapping. He lashes out, and manages to punch a mirror. He calls Cookie, but Cookie simply tells him that she's in a meeting with security, and he hangs up on her. 

Cookie then sets up a meeting with the guys who snatched Hakeem and brings him with her, since she thinks he needs the trip in order to feel like "a man" again. However, as they walk in, Hakeem pulls out a gun, asking the guys who's a little bitch now (a callback to when the kidnappers called him a little bitch after pistol whipping him). Cookie pleads with Hakeem not to pull the trigger, and walks in front of him, telling him that if he pulls it, she'll take the bullet, as she'd rather die than lose him. One of the guys slowly begins to reach for his gun, but as Hakeem lowers his, Cookie grabs it, spins around, and pushes it against the leader's forehead. He tells Cookie that their security fee is now being doubled, but she fiercely tells him that if he messes with her, her family or her artists ever again, they won't ever hear the knock on the door (Cookie threatening to kill them). She then says "welcome to my street, bitch!"

At the Big Apple Music event, Cookie and the girls wonder where Hakeem is, who happens to be outside in the alley, listening to the track with earphones. Lucious pulls up to the alley, where he plays Hakeem a beat, and offers it to him on a USB with no strings attached. Hakeem takes it, but then tells him that with him, there's always strings - in fact, there's ropes, that choke everybody. Hakeem then drops the USB on the ground and walks back inside. Lucious storms in after him, furious, and orders the girls to get out. He yells at Cookie that he offered Hakeem an olive branch and Hakeem shut him down, proving that Lucious really did have strings attached. He berates Hakeem for not being a man, and tells him that he should have pulled the trigger. Cookie intervenes, telling Hakeem that if he listens to Lucious, he'll end up in jail. Lucious, however, adds that it would be a small price to pay if it meant Hakeem growing a sack. Jamal and Andre walk in and order Lucious and Cookie to leave, telling them that they'd talk to Hakeem. Hakeem tells them that while they tormented him, he did nothing. Jamal tells him that it's brave of him to keep his cool under those circumstances, and Andre commends him as well, telling him that the three of them are already on top of it because they handled being the children of Lucious and Cookie Lyon. Jamal adds that he and Andre would have done the same in his situation, causing Hakeem to finally crack a smile. The three brothers then put their heads together as Mirage a Trois begins to perform. Hakeem goes out to spit his verse, but sees Lucious, who grins evilly at him. The music becomes distorted, and Laura ends up freestyling a verse while also keeping Hakeem's head turned to her instead of towards Lucious, to sell the idea that it's a part of the routine. Staring into Laura's eyes gives Hakeem his resolve; with his game back up, Hakeem manages to perform successfully, as Cookie, Andre and Jamal watch proudly. Lucious, disappointed and upset that he failed to break Hakeem, leaves.

That night, Hakeem is throwing a celebration at his apartment, where he thanks everyone for their support,Chicken for sticking with him and Laura for having his back. However, they are interrupted by a knock on the door; Hakeem opens it to see Anika, who is surprised to a see a party going on. Anika tells him that she's been worried and came to see if he's alright, but Hakeem replies he is and attempts to dismiss her. Anika and Laura lock eyes, and Hakeem simply tells Anika that now isn't a good time and shuts the door on her.

True Love Never

At Lyon Dynasty, Hakeem and Cookie are promoting Cookie's Cookout to a bunch of bloggers, where they have Mirage a Trois perform "Mimosa" for the crowd. Carmen, however, bumps Laura out of the way. Cookie tells Hakeem that Laura doesn't belong in the front as the main singer, and wants him to promote Carmen to that position. Hakeem, however, has a connection with Laura, and doesn't wish to do that to her. Later Hakeem is attempting to coach Laura into being more of a superstar, with Tiana's help. Tiana tells her that she needs to walk and move with her hips, as if there's always someone watching her with a camera. 

Jamal and Cookie, drunk on their champagne, discuss Jamal's song at the restaurant, Cookie recommending that the bass should be dropped. She then tells him that Lyon Dynasty is always around the corner if he wants to come in and make a song, but Jamal tells her that Lucious would be pissed; regardless, Jamal says he doesn't care about that and they demand the check and rush over to the studio, where Jamal is eager to perform. However, Hakeem walks in, at which point Jamal ducks and manages to sneaks out. Hakeem, who doesn't spot him, asks if anyone is here, but Cookie dismisses his suspicions.

At Lyon Dynasty, Hakeem is trying to coach Laura into entering a superstar mode, taking photos of her and giving her tips, reminding what Tiana had taught her. However, Cookie walks in, and Laura is unable to continue. Cookie tells him to give up on Laura and to promote Carmen, and that he's too distracted by "the ass". Hakeem tells his mom that he hasn't even touched her, which surprises Cookie.

Hakeem, who's in incognito, brings Laura to Hudson Plaza, where he tells her to stand there and sing without inhibition, the sole purpose of which to make strangers stop and notice her. With Hakeem's persuasion, she performs "Yo Vivre" and wows the crowd that surrounds her. After finishing the song, Hakeem congratulates her, and she rewads him by kissing him.

Cookie and Laz are in a meeting at Lyon Dynasty with Big Heavy and his two boys. Hakeem barges in, asking what Big Heavy is doing here, prompting Heavy's boys to almost draw their guns. Big Heavy, however, deems Hakeem as weak and has his boys keep their guns away. Hakeem tells them that he is an equal partner in Lyon Dynasty, and therefore any negotiations also go through to him. Hakeem tells him that they're to give protection beginning around the perimeter. Big Heavy tells him that it's all or nothing, but Laz sticks up for Hakeem. Big Heavy then tells Hakeem that they will be taking 15% off vendor sales, and Cookie asks Hakeem if that's okay with him, prompting a nod and a thumbs up from Hakeem. As they leave, Cookie commends Hakeem on his behavior during the meeting. Hakeem hopes that it will make Cookie realize that he is a partner, and has some say in how the business is run, specifically his decision to keep Laura as a lead singer. Cookie, however, thinks that it's a bad idea, and that he needs to think with his head instead of his "you-know-what". Hakeem, however, gives her the same advice, telling her that he's aware that she's sleeping with Laz, and tells Cookie to be careful as he doesn't trust Laz.

Meanwhile, Hakeem is conducting a rehearsal at Lyon Dynasty, having Mirage a Trois perform "Mimosa". With Cookie watching, Laura performs successfully, ass bumping both Carmen out of the way and shining as the lead singer. Cookie gives Hakeem the thumbs up.

My Bad Parts

At Hakeem's apartment, he and Laura are going at it. She tells her that it'll most likely be a little awkward as she's a first time. Hakeem is surprised that she's a virgin, but tells her that he'll take his time. However, he is interrupted by a text alerting him to Freda's message. He goes online and watches her rap, infuriated. Hakeem records his own message to Freda, challenging her to a rap battle to fight for the Lyon name.

Laz tells Cookie that Hakeem's challenge is trending online. Hakeem comes in to talk to Cookie, but is constantly set off by Laz's presence, telling him to shut up as Laz is a concert promoter and not a partner. Laz pushes Hakeem, and Cookie slaps him, telling him not to ever touch her son.

As Cookie Skypes with Jamal, Hakeem walks in and is hurt that she's working with Jamal instead of helping him with the biggest rap battle of his life. He asks Cookie why he isn't good enough for her, and threatens to tell Lucious that she's working with Jamal. After Cookie calls him a snitch bitch, he relents, but tells her that if she continues to help Jamal, especially over him, he will tell Lucious. He also becomes upset when Cookie brings up the possibility of having Jamal join Lyon Dynasty, a move he isn't happy with because he thought the Dynasty would be just him and his mother.

Later Anika goes to see Hakeem, to tell him she's pregnant. But Hakeem stops her and tells her that hes in love with Laura, and hopes that him and her will still be cool. Anika says of course, and says she just wanted to support him with the rap battle (instead of telling him she was pregnant). Later Hakeem practices his flow with the help of cookie and chicken.

Later Jamal and Hakeem sit and talk about their situations. Hakeem tells Jamal that he needs to take Lucious parts and Cookies parts and put them together; and Jamal tells Hakeem that he needs to work the crowd to win the battle rap because he is an MC and an entertainer.

During the rap battle Hakeem and Freda begin to battle rap each other with 2 rounds. Hakeem beats Freda and decides to forego his last name, and destroys the "Lyon" part of his name in lights with the microphone stand; and the crowd chants "Hakeem No Lyon". At the end of the night Hakeem kisses Laura and sends her home, only for the driver to be Anika, who tells her to buckle up.


Hakeem is spoiled, carefree and arrogant in everything he does. He knows he's rich, wealthy, handsome, stylish and everything revolves around him, However he is appears to be quite good-hearted and have his heart in the right place. His father is very easy on Hakeem due to his music talent and lets him do anything he wants which is why he is so spoiled. He was most likely to inherit Empire which he has shown to have much interest in however he wants to earn it. Hakeem has shown much distaste to people calling him a "daddy's boy", who believe Hakeem hasn't earned anything he has, and was given everything by Lucious. Hakeem also has issues with him growing up without a mother, which has caused him to be romantically fixated with older women and even calling them "Ma" or "Mama" in bed. However after Season 3, Hakeem had started to mature and become responsible once his daughter Bella was born.


Laura Calleros (ex-fiancee)

Hakeem first met Laura in a bar where she sang Lago Azul, afterwards he signed her up to be the new lead singer of Mirage a Trois. They became a couple when Hakeem begins to teach Laura how to become a superstar in "True Love Never". In "The Tameness of a Wolf ", he proposes to her, and she accepts. Laura became upset when she found out Hakeem got Anika pregnant. Laura also grew jealous when Hakeem chose to record a duet with Tiana over her. In the season two finale, as Hakeem and Laura's wedding day arrived, there was an altercation that lead Laura to dump Hakeem at the altar.

Camilla Marks (ex-girlfriend)

Hakeem and Camilla, who have been seeing each other for over a year, were in a relationship. Hakeem knows that he has to keep their relationship secretive, most presumably because of the age difference, but Camilla doesn't feel included in his fame. However, he brings her as his date to the White Party. However, Camilla is positive that Hakeem will take the spot of CEO at Empire Entertainment, and attempts to insert herself into his career, by changing his image, musical styles and wardrobe. Not wanting her to be with Hakeem, Lucious gets her a one-way ticket back to London as well as gives her money to settle her enormous debt, but she refuses his money and tells him that once he dies, she will come back into Hakeem's life.

Tiana Brown (ex-wife)

Hakeem flirts with Tiana, attracted to her looks, but Tiana doesn't seem to return the attraction until Hakeem performs with Jamal at Laviticus. Once realizing of his rapping career, she suggests they have sex in his dressing room. They become an item for a while, dubbed TaKeem by the media, but break up once Tiana is publicly exposed for being bisexual. Although she and Hakeem reconciled, he turned her down when she wanted to resume their relationship, telling her that he was in love with Camilla.

In Season 2, Tiana joins Hakeem in leaving Empire to be with Cookie and her label, Lyon Dynasty. Tiana also developed feelings for Hakeem again as well as grow jealous of his relationship with Laura.

In Season 3, Hakeem and Tiana got back together after both facing bad break-ups.

In Season 4, Tiana and Hakeem are raising his daughter Bella together while Anika was in prison. Tiana acts more of motherly figure towards Bella. When Anika returns, Bella is more comfortable around Tiana than Anika. After Anika sues for sole custody of Bella, Hakeem planned to run away to Cuba with Bella and Tiana. He tells Tiana to meet him at the airport, but she brought Cookie to convince him not to leave. The following episode, Tiana and the Lyon Family go to court to battle Anika and Angelo. When Tiana was called to the stand, Angelo started attacking her with accusations and made her break down in tears on the stand. Hakeem blamed her for having him fight for custody over Bella and telling Cookie about Cuba. Tiana saw how stressed Hakeem was, but was fed up with his childish attitude. Tiana and Hakeem got back together a few episodes later, but Eddie said she can't have any distractions if she wants a successful career. Hakeem later proposes to Tiana but she told him what Eddie told her. They decided to continue their love affair behind Eddie's back. Hakeem briefly dates movie star Haven Quinn to make Tiana jealous. At the end of the season, Tiana reveals to Hakeem that she is pregnant with his child and he kisses her, telling her that they will figure it out and she was who he wanted all along. Later on, Tiana, Hakeem, Bella and Blake are getting ready to leave when Blake's father started shooting at them with a shotgun.

They survived the incident and two years later, they are married and had a son named Prince Lyon.

Maya Lyon (Wife)

Married since season 6 episode 16

Andre Lyon (brother)

Andre Lyon is Hakeem's older brother.  In Empire's first season, Andre is ruthless and will do anything to control Empire Entertainment.  After finding out Hakeem's former lover interest Tiana has a girlfriend he spreads the news, humiliating Hakeem.

In Season 2, Andre and Hakeem's relationship improves with Andre supporting Hakeem after he was kidnapped.  Andre also confesses to Hakeem and Jamal that he arranged for Hakeem's crew to rob Jamal. Initially, Hakeem finds it difficult to forgive his brother, but Andre's honesty ultimately strengthens their bond.

In Season 3, Hakeem developed an attraction to R&B singer Nessa until he found out she developed a sexual relationship with Andre, which Hakeem wasn't happy about.

Jamal Lyon (brother)

Jamal is Hakeem's older brother who follows Andre Lyon. Of his two brothers Hakeem gets along with Jamal the most and often turns to him in times of distress. They are both very musically involved and are always seen free styling together for fun in the 1st season. It is hinted that Hakeem may be a little jealous of Jamal during the family dinner when Andre says the only reason Hakeem would inherit Empire is because he's a "daddy's boy" and not because he is the most gifted son. This is further proven when he asks Camilla if she believes Jamal is more talented than him during their love scene.

In Season 2 Hakeem and Jamal's relationship gets really thin, with Jamal becoming more bossier and ruder than how he usually is, which made Hakeem leave Empire and work with Cookie, Andre, and Anika with Lyon Dynasty.

In Season 3 & 4, Jamal and Hakeem's relationship has gotten better but had a few problems.

Lucious Lyon (father)

Lucious Lyon is Hakeem's father.  Throughout the show's first season Lucious gives hints that Hakeem is his favorite son. When the two are in the studio together Lucious pushes Hakeem because he knows he has the potential to be great. Lucious sees himself in Hakeem yet Hakeem does not respect his father. Hakeem has made it clear that he knows Lucious killed Bunkie. While Hakeem wants Lucious to support his career he doesn't approve many of his father's actions.

After Hakeem's attempt at a hostile takeover fails he joins his mother to create Lyon Dynasty. As a result, Lucious spends a majority of the show's second season trying to convince Hakeem to return to Empire yet Hakeem is fed up with his father. Hakeem voted to have his father removed from his position as CEO of Empire Entertainment but Lucious is not the type to go down without a fight. Empire's return is certain to include unforgettable moments between Lucious and Hakeem as Lucious attempts to regain control of his company.

Cookie Lyon (mother)

Cookie Lyon is Hakeem's mother.  Cookie was locked up during most of Hakeem's life so when she is released Hakeem treats her like she is a stranger. In Empire's first season Hakeem complained that Cookie loved Jamal more than she loved him but Cookie assures him that she loves all her sons that same yet she knows Jamal better. Lucious never took Hakeem to see his mother while she was locked up yet Jamal stayed in touch with throughout the 17 years she spent in prison.

Cookie and Hakeem always have strong feelings about each other's love interests. When Hakeem realizes that Cookie has fallen for Laz (Adam Rodriguez) he throws the promoter shade leading Laz to shove Hakeem. Cookie reminds us just how much she loves her son by slapping Laz silly! Cookie was at first not happy that Hakeem got Anika pregnant but she later became supportive.

Anika Calhoun (on & off)

Both Anika and Hakeem end up hating Lucious so they find creative ways to get revenge. After Hakeem finds out that Lucious bribed Camilla he hooks up with Anika and Lucious catches them in the act! At the end of Empire's first season Cookie, Andre, Hakeem and Anika join forces to attempt a hostile takeover. The show's second season starts with the hostile takeover failing leading Cookie, Andre, Hakeem and Anika to leave Empire.

After Hakeem was kidnapped he hooks up with Anika and she begins to fall in love with him. Anika is now pregnant with Hakeem's child and she has not informed him. Hakeem fell in love with Laura leading him to reject Anika's advances, assuring her that she would never be a Lyon. Anika eventually tells Hakeem about the pregnancy due to being urged by Rhonda and Andre.

In Season 3, Anika gave birth to a baby girl named Bella. Hakeem steps up and takes responsibility as a father. In the season three finale, Anika was arrested which left Bella in the care of Hakeem.

In Season 4, Anika returns from jail and sued Hakeem for sole custody of Bella which she won't. In the fall finale, Hakeem and the Lyons extorted Anika and the Dubois family. Hakeem made Anika sign a ammunity since she's accessory to Bella's kidnapping when the baby was supposed to be missing. Hakeem told Anika that she will be a part of their daughter's life but she needs to stop using Bella to get to Hakeem and his family.

Freda Gatz (rival)

Freda Gatz is Frank Gathers' daughter who Lucious signs to Gutter Life Records. In the second season Lucious releases a track by Freda challenging Hakeem to a battle for the Lyon name. At the battle Hakeem follows advice from Jamal and plays his own game as opposed to playing Freda's. An old school beat drops and Hakeem engages the crowd before smashing the name Lyon and ultimately winning the battle!

Valentina Galindo (former love interest)

Valentina Galindo was the lead singer of Hakeem's girl group before signing with Empire Entertainment. Hakeem falls in love with Valentina's singing and rapping skills during her audition leading him to sign her to Lyon Dynasty. Hakeem and Valentina end up in his bathtub where the two share a kiss and plan Lyon Dynasty's future. Despite their plans Valentina makes it clear that she has dreams to be on Empire Entertainment and Lucious fulfills those dreams to get back at Cookie and Hakeem.

Chicken (best friend)

Chicken is Hakeem's best friend and DJ. Chicken is by Hakeem's side when Lucious punches Hakeem for the lyrics he delivered alongside Snoop Dogg. In the show's second season Chicken and Lyon Dynasty interrupt Jamal and Pitbull's performance at Leviticus. Chicken shoves the DJ and Hakeem delivers a diss track that took shots at Jamal and Lucious, introducing the world to Lyon Dynasty.


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