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Harlow Carter
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Occupation(s): FBI Agent
Aliases: Agent Carter
Family and Friends
Additional Information
Empire Chronology
First Appearance: The Outspoken King
Last Appearance: Who I Am
Portrayer: Nealla Gordon

Agent Harlow Carter, or simply Agent Carter, was a recurring character in the FOX series Empire. She is an FBI agent who is assigned to oversee the sale and use of narcotics in New York, as well as capturing and arresting known drug dealers or convicts.

She is portrayed by Nealla Gordon.


Season 1

She initially oversaw Cookie Lyon's release from prison, however there was a plea deal involved where she had to turn on some drug dealers. When Cookie was spotted meeting with her by a private investigator hired by Anika Calhoun, Carter pretended to be Cookie's parole officer.

She later has Cookie visit her office, telling her that a drug dealer named Shyne was caught and is willing to testify, for a lesser sentence, that Lucious Lyon murdered his brothers, and that she needs Cookie's help to arrest him. Although Cookie does not know Shyne, she remembers Lucious bringing up the fact that he killed his brothers in his sleep, but still refuses to snitch on Lucious.

At the end, she is contacted by Vernon Turner, Empire's chairman, who is willing to testify that Lucious killed Marcus 'Bunkie' Williams. She ends up leading the public arrest of Lucious, but finds out that Vernon has disappeared (in reality being accidentally killed by Rhonda Lyon), and that she can't hold Lucious without her star witness's testimony.