Without a Country
Album: Empire: Music From "Without A Country"
Released: September 30, 2016
By: Empire Cast featuring V. Bozeman
Sung by: Veronica
Place: Lyon Dynasty

Hourglass is an original song featured in Without a Country, the second episode of the second season. The song is briefly performed by Veronica in the episode. 


You say you're right, I'll say you're wrong
You'll be polite, but continue on
And I'll say it might be true
If you want me to

You say it's night, and I'll say it's morning
You'll see the light, and pretend you don't
And I'll close a blind, if you, really want me to
If that's what you want to do

But life has its own arranges
As time passes on, it changes
The hourglass moves on a grain
And our path is torn in strands

You say we fight, I'll say we argue
Maybe you're right, that we really are through
And I'll say goodbye, if you really want me to
Cause that's what I'm gonna do

You say it's mine, I'll say it's yours
Maybe the time has come, to finish our scores
And I'll break my promise too, if you want me to
That's what I'm gonna do

But life has its own arranges
As life passes on, we're strangers
And our past is blown away
The hourglass is thrown and breaks

And I'll take a fall for you
If that's what you want me to


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