Huey Jarvis
Huey Jarvis.png
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Gray
Occupation(s): Music Legend
Host of the Living Room Session
Family and Friends
Additional Information
Empire Chronology
First Appearance: True Love Never
Portrayer: Clarence Williams III

Huey Jarvis is a music legend as well as a minor character in the second season of Empire. He is portrayed by Clarence Williams III, and made his first appearance in "True Love Never".

Season Two (1/18)

True Love Never

He is first mentioned when Lucious, in an attempt to motivate Freda Gatz into finishing the song, asks her whether she's heard of Huey Jarvis. After she responds with a "duh", he tells her that he will be playing the song for him in his living room. She is quick to dismiss him and tells him to stop playing, but he tells her in all seriousness that he is not.

He is then seen when Lucious goes over to his house, admiring all of his gold awards. Lucious remarks that he has enough gold to rival the pharaohs, but Huey reminds Lucious that he was nominated many times. Lucious asks to play at Huey's Living Room session, where everyone who has the honor of being invited ends up getting an award on stage sometime soon. Lucious then plays "Boom Boom Boom Boom" for him. He asks who Freda is, and tells Lucious that while he has something in both the song and Freda, he has to dig deeper, because he is not hearing the part of Lucious that he keeps locked tightly.

After Jamieson Hinthrop manages to secure Jamal a spot at his Living Room session, Jamal performs his original song "Heavy", to which Huey remarks that it is an amazing song, better than "Outrage". When Lucious tells Huey that he has been working with Jamal, Huey remarks that Lucious has elevated Jamal to another level.

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