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India Spring
Empire Tiana and India.png
General Information
Gender: Female
Family and Friends
Relationships: Tiana Brown (ex-girlfriend)
Additional Information
Empire Chronology
First Appearance: Dangerous Bonds
Last Appearance: Dangerous Bonds
Portrayer: Elizabeth Whitson

India Spring was a minor character in the first season of Empire. She appears in Dangerous Bonds, where it is revealed she is Tiana Brown's secret girlfriend.

She is portrayed by the actress Elizabeth Whitson.

Empire Chronology

Season One

Dangerous Bonds

When Tiana returns to her apartment from the Teen Choice Awards, which she was attending publically with her boyfriend Hakeem Lyon, India is waiting on the couch and asks Tiana if she had fun and says she "looked hot" after which the two women make out.

Unknown to either India or Tiana, Rhonda Lyon filmed their liaison and puts it online where a furious Hakeem see's it and breaks up with Tiana. India is later invited to the studio to attend the filming of Hakeem's and Tiana's new music video after they are convinced to put aside their personal differences.


Tiana Brown

Tiana is India's ex-girlfriend, although they must keep their relationship a secret as Tiana is publically dating Hakeem and she does not want her bisexuality to become known to her fans. The two women stayed together after the video of them kissing is leaked online and begin a public relationship. At some point they broke up.


  • She is part of the first lesbian relationship in Empire.