Jago Locke is a programmer and entrepreneur and a minor recurring character in the second season of Empire. He is portrayed by Patrick Mulvey, and he first appeared in "True Love Never".

Season Two (3/18)

Being the founder & CEO of SwiftStream, a global music streaming platform, as well as a savvy Internet entrepreneur, he was touted as "the next (Mark) Zuckerberg"; however, he failed to catch up to the latest trends of internet streaming as five other platforms beat him to the punch. Although he had the option to sell his company, he instead decided to go for the next best thing - merging with another company and becoming a business partner.

In order to boost Empire's stock, Andre suggests that Empire create its own unique music streaming platform; however, it would take 4-6 months just for the beta testing. Mimi tells Lucious about Jago & SwiftStream, and as Mimi's people prepare a due diligence with his people, she takes Lucious Lyon to meet with him in a boxing ring, where Lucious gets into the ring. Although Lucious is hesitant, Jago states that sparring partners make the best business partners. After Lucious offers his masters exclusively to SwiftStream, Jago is pleased; however, he adds that while he likes Lucious' beats, he finds his lyrics shallow. Angered, Lucious knocks Jago out with one punch, and calls him a punk ass.

Visiting Jago in the hospital.png

Lucious and Mimi go to visit Jago in the hospital. Lucious apologizes for knocking him out, but reminds Jago that he did not want to get in the ring anyways. He tells Jago that his words angered him, but they were true, and they inspired him to write a beautiful song. Jago nonchalantly states he'll wait for the royalty checks, and Lucious looks at Mimi with an annoyed look. Mimi, who glances at the morphine drip, subtly increases his dosage. As Jago becomes more inebriated by the morphine, Lucious manages to convince him that being business partners is a good thing for both of them, and as Mimi calls Max, his lawyer, Lucious has Jago have his lawyer draw up a contract for a merger, which Mimi later tells Lucious that night that it was completed successfully.

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