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Jamila Velazquez
Biographical Information
Birth name: Jamila Velazquez
Birth date: November 27, 1995
Birth place: South Bronx, NY
Nationality: American
Professional Information
Occupation: Actress, singer
Years active: 2011 - Present
Portrays: Laura Calleros

Jamila Velazquez born November 27, 1995, is an American actress and singer. Mostly known for her minor role as Sarita in the short-lived ABC Family series, Twisted. She currently portrays Laura Calleros in the second season of Empire.

Early Life and Career[]

She began singing and performing as a kindergartner. At the eight years old, she made her Broadway debut in the play "The End of You".  She is native of the South Bronx.

In 2013, Jamila Velasquez joined the cast of ABC Family's new series Twisted as the role of Sarita, former best friend of main character Lacey Porter and murdered student Regina Crane. She is an elitist and manipulative girl who enjoys humiliating people she deems beneath her. On August 3, 2015, it was announced that Velazquez was joining the cast of Empire for season 2 as Laura Calleros.

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