Jeff Kingsley
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Resides in: New York City, New York
Occupation(s): CEO of Empire Entertainment
Aliases: Jeffery Kingsley (birth name)
Family and Friends
Family: Lucious Lyon (father)
Tracey Kingsley (mother)
Cookie Lyon (stepmother)
Andre Lyon (half-brother)
Jamal Lyon (half-brother)
Hakeem Lyon (half-brother)
Other Relatives: Leah Walker (paternal-grandmother)
Joe Walker † (paternal grandfather)
Tariq Cousins(paternal half-uncle)
Rhonda Lyon(sister-in-law)
Unborn paternal half-sister †
Prince Lyon (half-nephew)
Bella Lyon (half-niece)
Princess Lyon(half-niece)
Additional Information
Education: Stanford, University
Empire Chronology

Jeffery "Jeff" Kingsley was the main antagonist of the fourth and fifth season of Empire.


In Had It From My Father, he is humiliated by Jamal's journalist fiancé, Kai and his reputation is tattered with his partner swearing to leave though he promises to find who leaked the information on Empire. Later on, he has Becky fired after accusing her of being the leak and promises to get even. Jeff is visited by Lucious, though their talk turns hostile and he is beaten until Giselle steps in and reveals Jeff is his son. Lucious is shocked as Jeff confirms the truth and this has Lucious visit Jeff's mother who confirms it.

At the LFM showing, Jeff shows up still battered and decides to tell the audience and Lyon Family his secret. He reveals his status as Lucious' son and his background, which garners shock from the family and audience. As Lucious stands humiliated, Jeff voiced his jealously of his siblings since they had a father, though says he lucked out since he was better in all ways and throws insults at not being raised by Lucious.

After the family leave, Andre confronts him and swears to bring him down though Jeff tells his brother that he'll win.

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