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Laura Calleros
Empire S2 Finale - Laura Calleros.jpeg
General Information
Gender: Female
Resides in: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation(s): Lead singer of Mirage a Trois
Recording Artist at Lyon Dynasty (formally)
Family and Friends
Family: Arturo Calleros (father)
Linda Calleros (mother)
Unnamed cousin
Relationships: Hakeem Lyon (ex-fiancé)
Employer: Hakeem Lyon (formerly)
Cookie Lyon
Additional Information
Empire Chronology
First Appearance: Poor Yorick
Last Appearance: Past Is Prologue
Portrayer: Jamila Velazquez

Laura Calleros is a major recurring character in the second season of Empire and the ex-fiancée of Hakeem Lyon.

She was the lead singer in Lyon Dynasty's Latin-American girl group Mirage a Trois, and she first appeared in "Poor Yorick".

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