Laz Delgado
Laz Delgado Empire.jpg
General Information
Gender: Male
Resides in: New York, New York
Occupation(s): Concert Promoter
NYPD Officer (formerly)
Aliases: Rico Suavez (by Lucious)
Family and Friends
Relationships: Cookie Lyon (ex-girlfriend)
Additional Information
Empire Chronology
First Appearance: Be True
Last Appearance: Sinned Against
Portrayer: Adam Rodriguez

Laz Delgado was a promoter for Lyon Dynasty and a recurring character in the second season of Empire. He first appeared in the season two episode "Be True".


  • He is an ex-NYPD cop.
  • In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Adam Rodriguez, who plays him, said:
    • I play a character played Laz Delgado who’s an ex-NYPD cop. He has left the force and gone into the entertainment world, and he does concert promotion, among other things. He’s basically a guy who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. You know, he’s definitely the type who will get scrappy if necessary. That’s what Cookie needs at this point. She’s trying to build up Lyon Dynasty to challenge Empire. The music business is a very dirty business. You need as much help as you can get and the right kind of it. Laz steps up on the scene and convinces Cookie he’s the person she needs in her life, and she believes him. He ends up being the right person in more than one way.
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