Michelle White
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark brown
Occupation(s): Music therapist at a rehabilitation center
Recording Artist at Empire Entertainment
Family and Friends
Friends: Andre Lyon
Employer: Dr. Sirak
Lucious Lyon
Additional Information
Talent: Singing
Empire Chronology
First Appearance: Sins of the Father
Last Appearance: Who I Am
Portrayer: Jennifer Hudson

Michelle White is a minor semi-recurring character in the first season of Empire. She first appears in Sins of the Father.  

She is a music therapist at the rehabilitation center where Andre Lyon was placed. In Die But Once, after hearing her singing at her church, Lucious Lyon signed her to Empire, telling her he wanted to make a gospel album and that God spoke to him for the first time through her music. In reality, she was signed simply so Lucious could break Andre's faith and connection to the church. 

She is portrayed by the actress and singer, Jennifer Hudson.


Sins of the Father
She is introduced as Andre music therapist at the begining of the episode, during a meeting at the rehabilitation center with her, Dr. Sirak and the Lyon family, except Lucious. She explains to Cookie the benefits of music therapy and how it is helping Andre. Later in the episode she appears siting in front of the piano with Andre and she starts to play it and to sing Remember The Music. At the end, after Andre says that in that night neither his pills or her music was helping she says that she have other solution, and asks him to pray with her. Die But Once
Who I Am


Andre Lyon


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