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Mimi Whiteman
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General Information
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Venture Capitalist
Chairman of Empire Entertainment
Aliases: k.d. lang (by Cookie)
Family and Friends
Relationships: Anika Calhoun (one night stand)
Lucious Lyon (kissed; almost engaged in a threesome)
Camilla Marks-Whiteman(wife)
Friends: Cookie Lyon (formerly)
Lucious Lyon (formerly)
Enemies: Cookie Lyon
Lucious Lyon
Additional Information
Interests: Taking Empire away from Lucious (succeeded)
Vulnerabilities: Breast Cancer
Empire Chronology
First Appearance: The Devils Are Here
Last Appearance: Et Tu, Brute? (physically)
A Rose by Any Other Name (deceased)
Portrayer: Marisa Tomei

Mimi Whiteman was a recurring character in season two of Empire. Mimi is described as a tough venture capitalist and a Forbes list billionaire. She was the Chairman of the Board of Empire Entertainment, having wrested control of the company from Lucious Lyon. However, after Hakeem exposed the fact that her wife Camilla had fabricated their marriage as a sham to oust Lucious, she sold all of her stock of Empire Entertainment. In revenge, she is murdered by Camilla.

She was portrayed by actress Marisa Tomei, and she made her first appearance in "The Devils Are Here".


Season Two

Episode Appearances (4/30)

Season Two (4/18)



  • According to Empire's showrunner and writer Ilene Chaiken, Mimi is “one of those very, very rich people who thinks that it would be really fun to own a movie company or to own a music company."
  • Ilene Chaiken revealed that she is a lesbian.
  • According to E! News, “Mimi is a lover of hip hop music, social trends, high-end fashion…and beautiful women."
  • Mimi had cancer.