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General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark brown
Aliases: Scary Bird (by Lola & Jamal)
Family and Friends
Relationships: Olivia Lyon (ex-girlfriend)
Enemies: Olivia Lyon
Lola Lyon
Jamal Lyon
Additional Information
Empire Chronology
First Appearance: Sins of the Father
Last Appearance: Sins of the Father
Portrayer: Jerod Haynes

Reg is a minor character in the first season of Empire. His one & only appearance is in "Sins of the Father", as Olivia Lyon's ex-boyfriend claiming that she and Lola Lyon belong to him. 

He is portrayed by Jerod Haynes.

Empire Chronology

Season One

Sins of the Father

He appears at the bus station and obligates Olivia to go with him to get Lola back. He and Olivia go to some club where Vernon is and they say that they want Lola back and Reg claims to Vernon that he is reliable because he brought Olivia back and Vernon, who is doped, believes him and takes them to Lucious' house, claiming that Olivia is part of the family and Reg brought her back, so he can't be that bad.

He is in the living room and takes his jacket off, and, after seeing their tattoos, Cookie, joking, asks if he likes to eat dead people, as he had a crow tattoo. Jamal, who is talking with Olivia, hears the talk between them and asks Olivia if Reg is the Scary Bird that Lola is scared, as Olivia just says "Help me" and after that leaves to go get Lola.

Jamal triess to confront Reg but he points a gun to his head and he starts saying that he should kill him because he married and got his lady pregnant, and she states that she were Jamal's wife before she was his girlfriend. Hakeem gives him his watch, saying that it's worth $30,000, but he says that he doesn't want money, and that he just to kill Jamal.

After this Lucious admits that he is the real father of Lola and that he slept with Olivia because Jamal didn't want to, and that he promised Olivia that he would make her a star.

He ends up being killed by Malcolm DeVeaux, who arrives.