Rhonda Lyon
Rhonda Lyon (Kaitlin Doubleday) - Empire Season 3 Official Cast Photo
General Information
Gender: Female
Resides in: New York, New York
Hair Color: Blonde
Birthday: June 19, 1984 [1]
Occupation(s): Creative Director of fashion at Whitney Lane (formerly)
Creative Director for Empire Entertainment's Antony & Cleopatra fashion line (formerly; until her death)
Aliases: Rhonda Mae Harding (birth name)
Rhonda Mae Lyon (married name)
Family and Friends
Family: Mary Jo Harding (mother)
Bill Harding (father)
Other Relatives: Lucious Lyon (father-in-law)
Cookie Lyon (mother-in-law)
Jamal Lyon (brother-in-law)
Hakeem Lyon (brother-in-law)
Unborn son † (deceased)
Relationships: Andre Lyon (husband)
Friends: Anika Calhoun (formerly)
Enemies: Lucious Lyon (formerly)
Cookie Lyon (formerly)
Anika Calhoun
Additional Information
Interests: Running Empire with Andre (failed)
Getting revenge on Anika (succeeded)
Education: University of Pennsylvania (The Wharton School)
Empire Chronology
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: The Empire Unpossess'd (deceased)
Portrayer: Kaitlin Doubleday

Rhonda Mae Lyon (née Harding) (June 19, 1984 - May 10, 2016)[2] was a main character in the FOX series, Empire. She was the wife of Andre Lyon, and she was portrayed by actress Kaitlin Doubleday. She first appeared in Pilot.


Rhonda doesn't say much about her upbringing, only that her hometown was south of the Mason-Dixon line. She worked three jobs in high school to make it to the Ivy League. She met Andre at a first year mixer at Wharton, but she was already seeing someone at the time, someone she described as "a real Connecticut blue-blood type" snob, and believed that she would have to be like him to make it in the real world. She eventually dumped him and dated Andre, and the pair eventually married.


Driven, ambitious and ruthless

Rhonda is shown that she really cares about Andre no matter how upset she gets about not getting control over Empire. When Andre has a mental breakdown due to his disorder, she is shown to comfort him, showing she really does care.

She was formerly ill treated by her father-in-law due to her ethnicity. When Lucious assumes that she is from a wealthy background, she retorts by saying that she did three part time jobs to get into a good college.

Episode Appearances (21/24)

Season 1 (10/12)

Season 2 (17/18)

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  • She is an atheist
  • She is killed by Anika after she confronts Anika of killing her baby.


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