The Empire Unpossess'd
Season 4, Episode 18
Air date May 23, 2018
Writer Brett Mahoney & Joshua Allen
Director Craig Brewer
Viewers 5.30 Million
Bloody Noses and Crack'd Crowns

The Empire Unpossess'd is the eighteenth and final episode of Season 4 of Empire, and the 66th episode overall. It aired on May 23, 2018.

As the Empire ownership bid presentation nears, Lucious must make a difficult decision to save the future of the company and his family, while Eddie shows no signs of backing down. However, Cookie reveals a potential upper hand in the power play for Empire, after doing a little digging into her past. Meanwhile, Andre makes a power play of his own, Hakeem's high spirits comes to a quick end due to a threat, Jamal and Tory struggle to cope with the success of their new music group, tension boils as the Lyons face Empire's most existential threat yet and someone's past mistakes leads to a deadly consequence.


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