The Fool
Season 4, Episode 05
Air date: November 8, 2017
Writers: Janeika James & Jasheika James
Director: Howie Deutch
Premiere: 5.40 Million
Bleeding War
Fortune Be Not Crost

The Fool is the fifth episode of Season 4 of Empire, and the 53rd episode overall. It first aired on November 8, 2017.

When a news report on TMZ circles upon Lucious's memory, possibly faking the injury, Cookie attempts to convince the board that he is fine, so she invites the press to watch him produce the first 20-for-20 album; Eddie Barker steps in to help Lucious get his mojo back at making music; worried about Bella being taken away from him and his involvement with the DuBois' clan, Hakeem plans a getaway trip to Cuba and takes Bella with him, but it soon backfires in his face; the relationship between Andre and Detective Pamela Rose heats up. Also, she reveals information that has been secretly uncovered regarding the explosion; Claudia helps Lucious with a breakthrough; and in the final moment Lucious begins to remember everything and finally got his memory back while telling Claudia to leave the house.


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