General Molly Kershaw
Birthplace Preston
Age 16

General Cameron Scott Abram ( Husband ) Captain General Orion Ronald Abram ( Son ) Brigadier General Tobias Edward Abram ( Son ) Staff sergeant Lois May Abram ( Daughter )First Lieutentant Michelle Lloyd ( Mother ) Major Carl Kershaw ( Father ) Captain Richard Bennett ( Step Grandfather ) Assistant Surgeon Christopher Lloyd ( Brother ) Staff sergeant Gareth Kershaw ( Uncle ) Major Stephen Kershaw ( Uncle ) Regimental Sergeant Major Scott Kershaw ( Cousin ) Second Lieutentant Natalie Kershaw ( Cousin ) Inspector-General Dianne Lawton ( Grandmother ) Lieutentant Colonel Geoff Lloyd ( Grandfather ) Brigadier David Kershaw ( Grandfather ) Captain Jean Fairclough ( Grandmother ) Major General Jack Kershaw ( Great Grandfather ) Captain-lieutenant Mary Moore ( Great Grandmother ) Lieutentant General Richard Fairclough ( Great Grandfather ) Regimental Sergeant Major Olga Grant ( Great Grandmother ) King Bernard Lawton ( Great Grandfather ) Deputy Inspector-General Mary Duckworth ( Great-Grandmother ) Lieutentant Colonel Joseph Lloyd ( Great Grandfather ) Captain Annie Dalton ( Great Grandmother ) King Peter Lawton ( Great Great Grandfather ) Queen Helena Cambridge ( Great Great Grandmother )

Affiliations Royal North West Army
Species Human
Occupation 1st Lancashire Division's commanding officer

Queen of the North West


Captain (First Series)

General (All the way through the series) Queen (post-manga)

Abilities Military/war knowledge 

Chess skills

Unique Trait Kind hearted man, 

Penchant for doing eccentric things

Goal Kill Rune and become Queen.
First Appearance Chapter 1
Constellation Monoceros
Type Lightining, Water/Ice and Wind

General Molly Kershaw is the youngest Chief General of the Royal North West Army and is the main protagonist of the Wild Fangs series. She is also the commanding officer of the 1st Division along with the help of Personal Adjuntant General Jack Haggitt-Yates  Her quest is to kill Rune and to become Queen all together ether dying or not dying. She has her own unit which consists of Lieutenant Colonel Ben Smith, First Lieutenant Lucy Smith, Third Lieutenant Lucy Mcintosh, Second Lieutenant Isabelle Knijipinga, First Lieutenant Melody Walsh, Lieutenant Colonel Nick Lingham, Major Lewis Fylnn, Second Lieutenant Amy Cowling, First Lieutenant Olivia Bibby, Second Lieutentant Tayla-Kate Sharratt, Major Terry Blakeway, Lance Corparal Danny McDonald,  Command Chief Master Sergeant    

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