Greetings, fellow leading Lyons and Lyonnesses! Today, I am here to announce that the Empire Wiki will have its official....

Empire Wiki UPDATE TEAM!

Here's the thing, guys: we need members like YOU to contribute to keep our wiki organized and up to date for the new season of Empire this fall. 

What's wrong?

There are many pages in need of updating, like ALL of the character pages, episode pages, song pages, and more. Without updates, users who join would not be able to see the essential information!

In addition, the admins can't do everything on their own. We want users to edit and be active here as well, and the wiki seems a bit empty!

What do we need?

The Empire Wiki Update Team will consist of 5-10 users. Each user must apply or ask to be a part of the Update Team.

What is the criteria?

If you are interested in being on the team, you MUST be active and dedicated. For instance, if an admin is not able to update everyday, the user should spend at least 20-30 minutes a day editing and updating pages when necessary.

You must have at least 30-50 overall edits on this wiki. However, if you are a new user, just propose to me why you should be on the team!

What do we get?

If you join the Empire Wiki Update Team, you will get your official EWUT badge, comment box colors, and a possible chance of becoming an admin!

Come on, guys, we need your help! This wiki is growing, looking great, but the content is need of your assistance!

Comment below if you are interested!

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