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Vernon Turner
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General Information
Gender: Male
Resides in: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (formerly)
New York City, New York
Hair Color: Black
Occupation(s): Chairman of Empire Entertainment (formerly)
Aliases: V (by Lucious)
Uncle Vern (by Andre)
Snitch Bitch / Snitchin' Ass Bitch (indirectly by Lucious)
Family and Friends
Friends: Lucious Lyon (formerly)
Bunkie Williams
Employer: Lucious Lyon (business partner; formerly)
Enemies: Andre Lyon
Rhonda Lyon
Additional Information
Empire Chronology
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: Who I Am
Portrayer: Malik Yoba

Vernon Turner was a main character in the first season of the FOX series, Empire. He was the business partner and longtime friend of Lucious Lyon, and he was the chairman of Empire Entertainment. He was accidentally killed by Rhonda Lyon in the season finale in an attempt to protect her husband Andre Lyon.

Vernon was portrayed by actor Malik Yoba, and he first appeared in Pilot.


Season One


The Outspoken King

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False Imposition

Dangerous Bonds

Out, Damned Spot

Our Dancing Days

The Lyon's Roar

Unto the Breach

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