General Information
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Recording Artist at formerly at Empire Entertainment. Creedmoor Records and Lyon Dynasty)
Aliases: V
Family and Friends
Other Relatives: Unnamed brother (deceased)
Employer: Lucious Lyon (formerly)
Billy Beretti (formerly)
Anika Calhoun
Cookie Lyon
Additional Information
Talent: Singing
Empire Chronology
First Appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Veronika Bozeman

Veronica is a recurring guest star on Empire. She first appears in Pilot, when she is recording "What Is Love".

In "Unto the Breach", she signs to Creedmoor Records, leaving Empire Entertainment; however, when Anika Calhoun leaves Creedmoor three months later to join Cookie Lyon at Lyon Dynasty, Veronica goes with her. However, both she and Anika leave Lyon Dynasty shortly after its founding.

She is portrayed by singer Veronika Bozeman.

Empire Chronology

Season One


She appears in the first scene of the series, at Empire Entertainment, recording What Is Love. Lucious is not happy with the recording, saying that it misses emotion, and telling her to think about what she felt about her brother's death the year before. After that, she sing the song again and everyone likes it, even Lucious.

The Devil Quotes Scripture

Unto the Breach

Veronica is seen at Creedmoor Records, singing Black & Blue to Anika and Billy Beretti. When she finishes, Billy Beretti says that Creedmoor Records will make more than Empire Entertainment did for her and that in a year she will be famous. She signs with Creedmoor Records, leaving Empire Entertainment.


Season One




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